I have traveled all over and I have so many memories from my travel that I would like to share with you, that for this blog, random numbered entries from now on will be known as travel memories. In no specific order, Nice, France will start it off.

I went to Nice last April with my Contiki tour group. We went to 18 countries in 33 days. It was a bit overwhelming, and some things blurred together. Nice was not one of those things. We got to Nice around 4pm, and were told we had an hour to get ready for a casual dinner in the center of town. Dinner was good, one of our better free meals on the tour, but after dinner was the best. Having just come from a night out in Barcelona, the majority of our group was still hungover. Our little clique of five however, was not, and we decided to explore. We didn’t go to any bars, we didn’t have anything to drink even. We just wandered aimlessly around Nice, and before this I never understood what gettting “wonderfully lost” meant. Now I know. We had no agendas, no curfews, nothing. Just good company, beautiful scenery, and shit we were in France! Nothing to complain about. It was quite honestly, a perfect night.

The next day we explored the city more. Did some touristy things, went inside a waterfall, ate croissants, took pictures by the yachts, etc. It was an ordinary day. Nothing too special. Our other friends on the tour wonder why us five liked Nice so much more than other cities. We couldn’t say. We just did.


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