Nashville, Tennessee is my next travel memory. I went out to Nashville last month to visit one of my best guy friend’s from study abroad. He moved out there about 6 months ago on a whim, and when I planned my trip to the South, I knew a stop in Nashville was necessary. I got in on Monday night, and TJ (my friend), one of his roommates, and I headed to a BBQ joint. Memphis is really the town in Tennessee that is known for BBQ, and I can say that is true first hand. Memphis BBQ is amazing. However, Nashville still has some good barbeque, and we decided to check it out. I got a chicken sandwich with black eyed peas and cornbread on the side. Best part? They served me my Blue Moon beer in a mason jar with an orange slice on the side. LOVED that. Turns out that Monday nights at this restaurant are trivia night, so we gave it a shot. After 3 rounds, and finding out we were 11th of 13th teams, we decided to move on. We met up with a couple more of TJ’s guy friends and went to a bar called Winners. It was right next to a bar called Losers. I’m not kidding. Inside Winners bar, on Monday nights, they have a stage called Whiskey Jam where aspiring musicians play. It was a Monday night and the place was packed like it was a Saturday. I love country music, but I think even if I didn’t, I would have loved every artist I heard. They were all great! I had my first “Tall Boy” PBR at Winners, and a couple fireball shots and Bud Lights. You know, just to keep things consistent 🙂 Pretty solid Monday night.

On Tuesday, while the guys were at work, I went to explore downtown Nashville. Broadway is the main drag, and it is awesome. Definitely the best at night with all the neon signs lit up, but still lots to see and do during the day. I walked into a souvenir store and asked the girl where to eat the best “real Tennessee food.” Without a doubt, she pointed me right to Jack’s BBQ across the street. I got some brisket and a couple more sides, including the mac and cheese, which I shouldn’t have, but had to try. And man was it good. I also got to see the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Theater. Amazing. That night, after watching a very close championship match of cornhole between TJ’s team and another team of guys at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Bar. TJ’s team lost. So we drowned our sorrows with some more beer haha. We went to a 3 story bar on Broadway called Honky Tonk Good Times, listened to some more, great live music, and I got to try apple pie moonshine for the first time. It really did taste like apple pie!

The thing I loved most about Nashville is how every night something was going on. In Seattle, if you went to a bar on a Monday or Tuesday night, you might look like a loner or an alcoholic. In Nashville, not the case. Also, it’s true what they say, people in the south sure are friendly. I’d move to Nashville in a second.


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