Cuernavaca Mexico is my next travel memory. I went to Cuernavaca, and 3 other cities in Mexico (Mexico City, Tasco, and Acapulco) when I was 16 as part of my Spanish class field trip. We went for about 3 weeks. There were 50  of us, and it was wild. Cuernavaca was probably the most relaxed part of the trip. Mexico City was first, and we spent about 3 days there, and then we traveled to Cuernavaca, which someone told us was like the Beverly Hills of Mexico. Now obviously since it is Mexico, it didn’t look like Beverly Hills to us Americans, but it was high end to the locals. Each of us students lived with a family for about 8 days. I had one roommate from my trip living with me as well. My family had a mother, father, and two little girls, about ages 4 and 6. They had a nice home, and we each had our own room. While in Cuernavaca, during the day we went to Spanish school. It was about 8 hours during the day, like real school, but we got a lot of “recess” time, and we utilized it. The time we spent outside of the school was the best though. We went into the main part of Cuernavaca as a group, and explored the markets. One of the boys in our group found a street vendor at the market that was selling these bb like guns, and of course we all bought one, or for some of the boys, five. They looked like a real semiautomatic gun. And the little “bullets” hurt. I made the mistake of shooting at some of the boys, and had dozens of little welts that looked like bee stings for days all over my arms and legs. The best part was that I packed my gun in my suitcase on the way home, and it was on the top of my suitcase, right next to my illegal DVDs and no one said a thing. Still have it. On one of our last nights in Cuernavaca, we went to the town fair. I wish someone would have told us that the fair was out in the middle of nowhere but no one did. After the sketchiest cab ride of my life, my roommate and I got out to the fair. We rode these weird cows that had humps like camels, ate the sweet bread that is like crack its so good, and to end the very interesting and memorable night, watched a cock fight live. I had to cover my eyes for the end of the fight, but the boys in our group were rowdier than ever, and betting like crazy. Next time I go to Mexico I probably won’t travel to Cuernavaca, but I am so glad I got the opportunity to go.


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