Acapulco, Mexico is my #55 travel memory.  Acapulco was the last of 4 cities we traveled to in Mexico for my sophomore Spanish trip in high school. Compared to Acapulco, the first 3 cities we visited in Mexico were tame. When we got there, we found out we were staying in this amazing 4 star hotel right on the beach. We immediately made our way to the pool, ordered countless non-virgin daiquiris and pina coladas, and laid in the sun for hours. That is where things went south for me. I thought oh after 20 minutes or so I’ll put sunscreen on. Well I forgot, and by the end of the day, I was literally as red as a lobster. In fact, my Spanish teacher, Senor Cafe, called me lobster in spanish, “langosta”, from then on. We were all supposed to go out as a group that night for dinner, but I was so sunburnt I stayed in. A couple of my friends stayed in with me though, so the night wasn’t a total loss.

We were in Acapulco for 5 days, so after a day of rest and no sun, I was slightly recovered, and ready to party. The next night, we went to watch the famous cliff divers. These men wear the tiniest speedos ever, and dive off cliffs at least 75 feet high, at night, into the pitch black water. It was amazing. Instead of taking taxis back to the hotel like how we came, a large run down school bus pulled up, and our chaperones told us to get on. In hindsight, this sounded and looked sketchy, but the old school bus turned out to be a completely pimped out party bus! We drove through the streets of Acapulco for hours, blaring music, dancing in the aisles and seats, and yelling out the windows at random people, probably in both English and Spanish. It was an awesome night!

We did a lot more on our Acapulco trip including a booze cruise of the harbor on our last night in Mexico, and perhaps the most memorable moment, my best friend Nate stepped on a sea urchin and got 29 stickers in his foot. Getting those out with tweezers was definitely an interesting experience. Overall it was one of the best trips of my life, and I cannot wait to go back to Mexico!


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