#88 Part 1

Queenstown, New Zealand is my #88 travel memory. I went to Queenstown, New Zealand for my spring break while studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. Me and 5 friends, (3 boys and 3 girls total) rented an RV and traveled around the entire South Island of NZ for 11 days. It was amazing. Queenstown was one of our last stops. Queenstown is known as the extreme sports capital of the world. We proved that right because in the 3 days we were in Queenstown, my friends and I skydived, luged, and helirafted. I would have bungee jumped, because Queenstown is home to the 3rd highest bungee jump in the world, but my parents threatened to cut my funds if I bungee jumped in New Zealand. So I waited until I got home and bungee jumped there 🙂

We parked our RV in town, so we slept right in the town, so everything was close. Queenstown is definitely a party town, and many of our other friends from our study abroad program were in the city the same time as us, so we all got to go out together. We did a bar crawl our first night there, or as they call it a Kiwi Crawl. We were introduced to some of the best shots on this bar crawl. Personal favorite: quick fuck. It is Bailey’s layered on top of Apple Pucker. It was great! There was another one involving a mix of tequila and something else, and it tasted like a margarita shot. We went to about 6 bars on this crawl, with 30 strangers. It was a great time!

The next day we went skydiving. Not the best idea in retrospect, but it was spring break. What are you going to do? To be continued…



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