Walla Walla, Washington is my #3 travel memory. You are probably wondering where the hell is Walla Walla Washington. Good question. It is a little bit in the middle of nowhere, and about 2.5 hours from Seattle. But in Walla Walla, Washington is Whitman University, one of the best schools in Washington State. When I was 17, I went out on an official visit to Whitman University for basketball. After I got there and met the coach, she dropped me off at the dorms to meet the girls on the team I would be staying with that night. The first thing the girls asked me is “Do you drink?” I immediately said yes, and from then on we were like best friends. The girls told me that tonight was Frat Olympics at one of the fraternities. It apparently was an event everyone looked forward to all year. They said everyone dressed up, and since they already had costumes, we had to find me one. I ended up going as a snowboarder out of season. Ridiculous I know, but no one at the frat questioned it. I wore a black sweatshirt, black short shorts, my tall black Uggs, and ski goggles on top of my head.

Frat Olympics was in the basement of the frat. There was a bar that probably had more bottles of alcohol than I had ever seen, but what really got my attention was the ice luge. I had never seen or done one, and after my third or fourth go at it, I was in full support of Frat Olympics. I honestly can’t remember how our team did, but regardless, it was very fun, and an awesome first official visit.

The reason I didn’t choose Whitman? Among other reasons, the main one was, the following day I went to class with some of the girls and ran into literally every person I had seen at Frat Olympics the night before. The school’s population is only 1,100. Way too small. Sorry Walla Walla.


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