Bellinis are one of my favorite drinks, but also one of the drinks I don’t nearly have enough ūüė¶ This is my own fault however, because normally I’m cheap at bars if I have to buy my own drinks and just get beer or shots. But, on the random occasion when I’m feeling less cheap than normal and a little bit classy, I order a bellini. Bellinis are made up of champagne, or prosecco, and pureed peach. I have had different versions of that recipe, but that is the original. ¬†Also, I love bellinis because I ¬†associate them¬†with happy memories of me and my friends drinking them constantly when we were in Italy last April. I know we all felt so cool sitting out on the terrace of a restaurante in Firenze or Venezia sipping bellinis and watching the people walk by. Haha. Also, in my search to find a good picture to represent the¬†deliciousness of bellinis, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the variety of amazing looking recipes for bellinis on Pinterest. You should all check it out. Personal favorite: lavender bellini. Interesting…


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