Vera Wang

This past Saturday, I went shopping for wedding dresses at none other than Vera Wang. No, it was not for MY wedding dress. For my older sister. She is getting married next April. Inside, Vera Wang was everything I expected. We were immediately greeted with champagne, and asked if we wanted our hair or makeup done for free. After the bride got her hair and makeup done, it was dress time. She only tried on four dresses at the store, but it’s funny after the first one, she knew she had found the one. It was a dress from the runway (which thrilled her because barely anyone but models fits in those). Even though my sister used to model so not sure why she was surprised she fit into it. The dress was gorgeous and very much her style.  It fit her like a glove, and the belt around it that was diamond encrusted was gorgeous. They went onto the next appointment with the full intention to come back after and buy the dress and belt.

Since my friend was in town, and wandering somewhere along Melrose while I was inside, I couldn’t go to the next appointment at Monique Lhullier. However, I would have picked to go to the Vera fitting over Monique any day, despite me knowing Monique is gorgeous as well. Well, my sister ended up finding “the dress” at Monique and I have to admit I do love it. So, that was easy! 2 fittings and sealed the deal! She is so excited!


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