Chapel Hill, NC is my #63 travel memory. I went to Chapel Hill three years ago during my senior year of college to visit one of my best guy friends, Zach who went to school at UNC. Most of my visit to UNC is pretty blurry. Zach and I met in Australia while we were “studying” abroad and the majority of our memories together involve a lot of alcohol. So when I came to visit Chapel Hill it seemed only right we continue that tradition. Saturday night we went to a bar called Top of the Hill right in downtown Chapel Hill. It was the nicest bar in the town, and that being said, was still super fratty and pretty divey. Aka I loved it. When we were heading up to the bar, Tyler Hansborough, a one time UNC star basketball player and now in the NBA, walked right by us. It was awesome. At Top of the Hill we got to see our good friend from abroad Colton (who also goes to UNC). Several Jack and Coke’s later, we were stumbling home. I vaguely remember Zach wearing a Seattle Supersonics jersey so yes I feel like there was a jersey party involved at some point of Saturday night.

Sunday morning may have been the best part of the weekend. We went to this infamous place on the hill that is known for the best hungover food around. I had my first fried chicken and cheese biscuit sandwich, and my first real Southern sweet tea. It was awesome. That night we went out to a bar called He’s Not Here. One of the best names for a bar I have heard. It was karaoke night, and something like $3 well night. WIN. We met up with another friend from abroad who goes to UNC too; my friend Shelley. We had a great time catching up, and to finish off the great night and great trip to NC, we stopped at the 24 hour diner known for best drunk food in the state, and got some biscuits and mac and cheese. Amazing.


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