London, England is my #20 travel memory. I went to London in April of 2012. It was where I started my 18 country European tour in 6 weeks. London looked like a great city, but it had never been on the top of my list to visit. Regardless, I wanted to adjust to my jet lag before my tour began so I got into London 2 days before my tour started. I stayed in a nice neighborhood which I now can’t remember, but I could walk to the shops at Tottenham Road if that helps. My first day it didn’t rain, so I explored. I went to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Parliament, I saw the eye but chickened out on going on it alone. I also went to a pub that my sister’s friend recommended and ordered a big beer and the fish and chips. I’m not a fish and chips girl, but I figured it was custom to order them in England, and they were good! It was a very fun solo day. I walked probably something like 5 miles and saw so much!

My second day in London, it was a little bit wet. Rained off and on all day. Surprise surprise. But, I got to meet up with my friend Bailey, who went to Brown with me, and was studying abroad in London, so I was happy.  She was my official tour guide. We went to see the London Bridge, and found an amazing sandwich place right by the bridge. After lunch, we went to have “high tea” in the park. I really liked that, and got a sense of how proper the British are compared to us Americans. After tea, I had to say bye to Bailey so I could get to my hotel where I would meet 32 new friends on my tour. We had a quick intro at the hotel, and then headed to the adjacent pub for drinks and to get to know each other better. The next morning we were off to Paris. A short but sweet trip to London.


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