Phillip Island, Australia is my #43 travel memory. While doing a roadtrip out to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road with my friend Caely, we made a pitstop (and by pitstop I mean 3 hours in the wrong direction haha) to Phillip Island which is famous for its penguins. It is also where Liam and Chris Hemsworth are from. It is a beautiful small island that is home to the smallest species of penguin, and every night at dusk the penguins come out of the water and make their nests along the hillside. We bought a ticket for the penguin viewing, got a tutorial all about the penguins, and then after watching one of the most beautiful sunsets, walked down to the beach and sat there waiting for the penguins. Sure enough tons of teeny tiny penguins started coming in with the surf. It was completely pitch black but we had night vision goggles so we could see all the little guys scurrying in. They were so cute. Some of them even got really close to us. After an hour or so of watching their ritual, we headed back to our car, and after a thorough check underneath our car for any stragglers, we headed back to Melbourne. It was a great adventure!


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