Lake Tahoe is my #32 travel memory. I went to Tahoe for the first time this past week for 4th of July. Now we drove from LA, and I gotta say I wouldn’t recommend the drive. Straight up the 5 freeway and boring as shit. But, once I got to Tahoe, the 8.5 hour drive was forgotten. We got in late Wednesday night, so when we woke up it was the 4th of July. Best holiday ever. You can pretty much be as obnoxious, fratty, rowdy, etc. as you want, and just chalk it up to being true to your country haha I love it. We woke up to the best breakfast spread I have seen in a LONG time. Me and 2 friends were staying at my good friend Sofia’s parent’s second home in Dollar Point on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe (the California side). Not only was their house beautiful, but outside on the deck was the best view of the beautiful lake. It just didn’t get much better. After a great homecooked breakfast, us 3 girls drove down to Sunnyside Beach to rent paddleboards. The best part of paddleboarding on the lake was looking at the gorgeous, enormous homes right on the lake. Oh, and also the sun was out in full force, and the water was so clear and blue. Beautiful day. After, we went to meet up with Sof’s brother at a bar called Chambers down the lake a bit. All you need to know about Chambers is it is as frat as you can get. AKA we loved it. However, the bar was so overcrowded they stopped letting people in. That didn’t stop us though. We waded into the water up to the side of the bar (the bar is on a dock attached to a boat platform), and climbed up the ladder and snuck in. It was awesome. Lots of red white and blue all over that bar. After a couple hours at Chambers, we went back to Dollar Point for the largest barbeque spread I have ever seen. Sofia’s mom and dad outdid themselves with the most delicious food. After dinner and great conversation, we headed to Tahoe City beach to meet up with friends and watch the fireworks. And they were awesome! Later that night we met our college frat boy neighbors, lit lots of sparklers and Piccolo Petes, and had a lot of fun.

Friday was float the Truckee River day. There is no funner activity. Bad grammar don’t care. Hundreds of drunk young people (and several dogs) floating down the Truckee River for several hours in the hot sun, drinking and making new friends. I decided to get my own single float to float the river because I have never been a fan of the big rafts. Apparently I have good intuition, because the other 6 girls I was with were in the big raft, and got stuck on like 10 rocks, and 2 bridges, on our way down the river. We had a couple sing a longs with strangers, including I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys (in honor of their return), and I drank Keystone Light again (thought I was done with that one after college). At the end of the river, or at least where they stopped everyone, was River Ranch. Aka more beer and food. Cold chicken tenders have never tasted so good. After River Ranch we headed back to the house, had a couple drinks and puffs with our nice Cal neighbor boys, and then headed to our friends house in Kings Beach. From our friends house we headed to the Cal-Neva casino (on the border of California and Nevada), and gambled a bit. Very fun.

Saturday was a recovery day. After a little bout of dehydration and staying inside while my friends went to the beach, by 5′ o clock I was ready to head out. We drove over to Sand Harbor which is the absolute picturesque beach when you think of Lake Tahoe (pictured). BEAUTIFUL. We even discovered, not so gracefully, some hidden rock pools. We laid out on the beach for a couple hours and relaxed, then headed back to the house to get ready for a late dinner. Dinner was timed perfectly. We got pictures infront of a beautiful sunset for our last night in Tahoe, and then walked across the street in downtown Tahoe City to go to dinner at River Grill. YUMMY. Awesome outdoor patio right on the river, great food and great conversation. Perfect way to end an amazing trip!


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