Rustic Canyon

So on Friday night my dad was in town, and my dad, my sister, her fiancee and I went to dinner at Rustic Canyon on Wilshire in Santa Monica. WOW. Phenomenal food. We started out with the “Grilled M+O Ciabatta” with whipped bone marrow (I know I was skeptical too), stonefruit and pickled peppers. But it was just like bruschetta, but actually more like something so good bruschetta could never top it. The whipped bone marrow was like a very nice mix between goat cheese and cream cheese. We also got “Crab & ‘Pinkerton’ Avocado Salad.” A little creamy for my lactose intolerance but the mango and chili vinegar together was excellent. For entrees, my dad and Greg got the “Olive-Oil Poached Halibut.” It came with something called “Brentwood” corn and the combination of the fluffy, perfectly cooked halibut and that corn was amazing. My sister got the roasted chicken with a French curry sauce. Yum. My entree was definitely my favorite though. I got the prime ribeye, chophouse style with heirloom tomatoes and fried onions. I got the steak prepared medium and it was hands down the best steak I have ever eaten. It was like butter. And the sauce they used on it, with a bite of onion ring in there, PHENOMENAL. We decided to get cookies from M Street for dessert, but the dessert menu at RC looked great too. Also, they make a really good old fashioned if you’re a whiskey girl like me 🙂


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