America the Beautiful

So I’m hoping you all watched the Superbowl, and saw my hometown team WIN! Go Seahawks! And if you watched the big game you probably watched the commercials as well, and saw the Coca Cola ad featuring the song “America the Beautiful” being sung beautifully in seven different languages. Immediately after the Superbowl, the commercial was ranted and raved about. Why isn’t the entire thing in English? Why did they feature a gay couple in the ad in one sequence? And why were those 7 languages the ones they selected out of them all? What do I have to say to the critics? Shut up! America is a melting pot. You can be American and speak another language. Having people from different cultures or who celebrate traditions from other nationalities is what makes America the place it is. And for everyone who had a problem with the beautiful scene of two gay fathers with their daughter, shame on you. Same love people. SAME LOVE. 


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