Weekend Away

I spent this past weekend in Palm Springs for my older sister’s bachelorette party! Me and another bridesmaid drove out Friday night from LA, in the rain, and FOUR hours later, we made it. Southern California drivers and rain is the worst combination in the world. There were 8 girls in the party so we rented a gorgeous house right near downtown, complete with pool and hot tub! Right when we walked in the door, shots were needed! We picked up some tequila on the way 🙂 We spent the first night in, making a delicious homemade dinner, playing games and drinking. The next day, we had made plans to go to the Hard Rock Hotel for a pool party, but the rain was looming, so we headed to the Parker Hotel for a spa day. The Parker Hotel is a beautiful old hotel that they have revamped in amazing ways over the years. It is a huge destination for weddings in Palm Springs. The spa was beautiful, and they give you a complimentary shot of cucumber vodka when you arrive. Gotta love that! I got a manicure at the spa and then posted up in the hot tub. After a drink and some good convo there, we decided to explore the grounds, in our robes still. Woops. We headed to the pool, and after making friends with the bartender, got a free round of shots. Woo!

Later that night, we cabbed into town for a delicious dinner at Bierba, a very hip and outdoor Italian restaurant. I got a different drink, but two of the girls got a cocktail with habanero tequila…oh my gosh so good! After dinner we strolled down Palm Canyon drive in search of a fun bar! We found a great dive bar on the way, where we had several Fireball shots (my fave), and Cinnamon Toast Crunch shots (a first for me, but tastes just like the cereal! Fireball and Mexican Rum). We ended our night at Peabody’s Cafe, where there was KARAOKE! I love karaoke and all the girls did too! We had SO much fun!


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