300 Sandwiches

So some of you may have heard about the girl who started a blog about making her boyfriend 300 sandwiches in order to get him to propose. Apparently ,’During a Sunday lunchtime viewing of “Return of the Jedi” he told me: “you are 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” … And so, I got cooking ..’

Now although I do not condone this girl’s actions towards getting a ring, (I think she’s a bit crazy and it’s sad that her boyfriend was serious about her having to do something just to get him to propose), she is a DAMN good cook. Her sandwiches look amazing and hey she’s almost there! She’s on #233, and she just got a book deal, so well done girl! Click here to see the amazing deliciousness she whips up, and follow her sandwich adventure!

The sandwich pictured above is definitely one of my favorites. Find the link for Sandwich #116 “Garden Fresh” Banh Mi Breakfast Sandwich here.


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