LA Bucket List

My friend asked me today what are the things I want to do in LA before I leave it for at least a year when I move to Europe this July. Here is the list…note they are pretty much all bars ha

-Le Descarga – an underground rum bar in deep Hollywood

-La Perla – a tequila bar in DTLA. Need I say more

-Gaslite – been here many a time but still have yet to sing Garth Brook’s “I’ve Got Friends In Low Places” on karaoke. It must be done

-Edison – an old speakeasy awesome bar in DTLA

-Buffalo Wild Wings once during March Madness because that place is heaven. Don’t judge.

-Blue Plate in Santa Monica for brunch

-Mozza – this one is a bit beyond my price range but it’s an Italian restaurant in Hancock Park that is supposed to be the best

– Inn of the Seventh Ray – a secret wonder tucked back into Topanga Canyon, a private and very fancy restaurant out in Malibu



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