Summer Highlights

Now that summer is almost officially over, and because it was such an amazing one, I thought it was necessary to reminisce on the best moments:

1. 10 awesome hours spent exploring Catalina Island with a great friend

2. My 48 hours in Chelan (throwing it back to high school with beer pong in the garage, learning how to “ride the bus,” late night dips in the lake)

3. Raiding my parents liquor cabinet and skinny dipping off the dock at 1am with my best friends

4. Seafair 2014, the best 48 hours, except for one too many “jager” shots

5. Catching up with old friends from abroad over whiskey and some amazing bbq

6. Partying it up in style for the first Seahawks (and NFL) game of the season 

7. Finding the ultimate bliss on the Liquid Lounge float with beers in hand

8. Another successful raft down the Truckee River

9. Trip down memory lane to remember my grandpa on the Rogue River in Oregon 

10. Mammoth Camping Trip 2014

11. Days spent boating on Lake Washington

12. Random summer nights with my best girlfriends in beautiful Seattle


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