Last Friday, my friend Lizzie and I went to Toledo for the day. It is an easy 45 minute bus ride from Madrid. Once we got to the beautiful hillside town, we began to wander. Toledo has tons of beautiful, hidden side alleys and streets. Lots of pictures were taken. After we saw the cathedral and had wandered for awhile, we stopped and had lunch in a cute little plaza overlooking the Cathedral. Pizza and beer in Toledo…why not? After lunch, we decided to do this hike to the opposite side of the city, on the other side of the river, where you are supposed to be able to see all of Toledo. Too bad we did not research it well, and we ended up going to the wrong side of the river. We did a fairly difficult hike, which was very pretty so not a total fail, and when we got to the top of the hill, only then did we realize we were on the wrong side. It was really hot that day, and our feet hurt, so we decided to walk down and catch the bus back. Here’s hoping we get a second chance at that hike. But otherwise, it was a very fun day in beautiful Toledo!


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