Sister in Spain!!

Yesterday my older sister Katie was in Madrid! She had work in Paris and popped over to Spain for a mere 24 hours. And we had the absolute best day! Yesterday morning I met her at her hotel and we started exploring. First we grabbed breakfast at this cute little cafe next to the Puerta de Alcala. Then we walked around the beautiful Parque del Retiro, which is even more beautiful now because of the fall colors. After showing her the lake and the Palacio de Cristal in the park, we ventured to my neighborhood (La Latina) to see the famous Mercado San Miguel. We weren’t hungry yet so after a little looking around we decided to come back to eat there later. Next we did a tour of the Royal Palace! It was absolutely beautiful and so much detail! The rooms were completely intact from the 18th century, and they were breathtaking. After the tour we ventured to the Mercado San Anton in Chueca. It was packed! I showed her the awesome rooftop terrace, and then we went to lunch at the coolest urban restaurant: Bosco de Lobos. After some delicious pizza and pasta and tintos de verano (I introduced her to my fave drink), we went back to the hotel for siesta. 3 hours later we ventured out. First stop: rooftop of Circulo de Bellas Artes to see Madrid by night. After a drink there, and one more rooftop bar (ME hotel above Plaza Santa Ana), we made our way back to Mercado San Miguel for some much deserved paella and red wine. We walked through the entire market, checking out each vendor, and it was SO much fun! That market might be my favorite thing about Madrid. Also, the paella was fantastic! We got two tapas portions: one with chorizo and one with grilled vegetables. I also was brave enough to try the “paella negra” which is paella that is completely black (the black is from squid ink). It was delicious. Something for next time!


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