Where to begin…best weekend ever! I will try and keep it short and sweet because I could write forever about my new favorite country. On Thursday night we flew into Brussels. The trip started off great with an entire men’s Euroleague basketball team on our plane đŸ™‚ Once we got to our hostel in Brussels, we went into the city to explore. Imagine our surprise when we find basically a ghost town. One of our friends had heard of this famous bar we needed to try, so in an attempt to find that we wandered down an alley (sounds like a bad idea I know), and found the most crowded alleyway ever. The bars in the alley were so busy, people had to stand outside to drink their beer. The bar we chose, and coincidentally was also the famous one was called Delirium Cafe. I highly recommend it. Had a very divey feel to it and the beer list was absurd. 3 10% alcohol beers and one very drunken trip to McDonalds later, our first night in Brussels was a success!

The next day, just a tad hungover, we explored Brussels! First stop was the La Grande Place, one of Brussels’ beautiful main squares. Next step: find waffles. Gotta get that perfect @foodintheair pic. If you don’t already follow that instagram…you should! Then we went to the chocolate museum. I personally hate museums but the demonstration on how to make chocolate filled chocolates after was well worth the admission. Oh and free samples of course! After that we found some amazing Christmas markets, ate some more chocolate, sampled some of Belgium’s famous frites (there will never be better fries), and then did a beer tasting. For the beer tasting, we decided to go big or go home and get the 15 beer flight. Little did we know, the flight was so big, two men had to carry it out, and they were blowing whistles as they did so. It was amazing! We also caught an impromptu Christmas light show on a beautiful church on our walk into the city center. Love Brussels! More about Bruges and Ghent to come!

P.S. The pic is mine. Taken infront of La Grande Place in Brussels. Waffle complete with whipped cream, chocolate, strawberries and bananas. NOM


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