Two weekends ago my good friend Lizzie and I went to Granada for a few days. Granada was beautiful, but isn´t a very big city and doesn´¨t have a ton of things to see, so we decided to take a day trip to the beach on Sunday. Nerja is a 2 hour bus ride (each way) from Granada, and the bus ride is beautiful. We were expecting the beach to be pretty, but Nerja way exceeded our expectations. First off it was 70 degrees, compared to 40 in Granada. Also, the white washed homes scattered along all the cliffs and hillsides is breathtaking…like a mini Amalfi Coast.  We headed straight for the beach when we got there, found an outdoor table to sit at, and relaxed with some delicious food and of course our standard drink of Spain, tinto de verano. After lunch, we went down to several private little cove like beaches (like the one pictured) and explored. One of the things Nerja is known for is their paella on the beach. Since it was December, the paella vendors weren´t all along the beach like they are in summer, but we found a nice restaurant that was packed with Spaniards, and figured it was not a bad second option. We decided to head back a little after that, and we kind of regret it because as we were driving back along the coast to Granada we saw the most ridiculous sunset I think I´ve ever seen.


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