Bucket List Updates

Been on Pinterest way too much lately and one of the things I was searching for was “bucket lists.” I’ve had my list for over 5 years now, and have checked off over 50 things. Below are some I am most proud of, as well as my top ones still to be completed. P.S. The “steamy” part in the picture doesn’t apply but I liked the colors haha


-watch meteor shower


-release a floating lantern in Thailand

-ride an elephant

-go to top of Eiffel Tower

-go to Great Barrier Reef

-bungee jump

-ride a gondola in Venice, Italy

-zipline thru the jungle

-hike to the Hollywood sign

-watch baby turtles make it out to sea

-go on a hot air ballon ride

-be in two places at once (Nevada and Arizona) at Hoover Dam

-throw a coin and make a wish at Trevi Fountain in Rome

-go in hot springs in Iceland

To Do

-make it to the salt flats in Bolivia

-go on an African safari

-go zorbing

-swim in Devil’s Pool in Africa

-make it to Rio de Janiero and the Christ the Redeemer statue

-swim with dolphins

-go dogsledding

-ride a camel

-attend the Kentucky Derby

-ride a horse thru vineyard (like in the Parent Trap, hoping to do this in Tuscany this spring)

-stomp on grapes to make wine

-milk a cow

-see the Northern lights


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