Prague was the second stop on my Christmas vacation thru Europe. I have been wanting to go to Prague for about 7 years now, so I hate to say it but I put a lot of pressure on it being as amazing as everyone says it is. And it really is an absolutely amazing city. I saw it only a few days before Christmas so the markets were in full effect in Old Town Square (pictured), but I think anytime of year it would be breathtaking. It is surprisingly a very small city. You can easily walk everywhere. We were there for 3 days, and basically saw everything in a day, but then had more time to explore less touristy areas. The Christmas markets were one of my favorite things. Christmas markets in general in Europe are unreal. The food…there are no words. One of Prague’s specialities is fried cheese. That’s right. FRIED CHEESE. It was worth taking a lactose pill for that. It was delicious. Lizzie and I also tried prosciutto a Praha which is a bowl of buttery potatoes, cabbage and prosciutto all cooked together. WOW. If you go to Prague you have to go to the top of the tower in Old Town Square. It overlooks the entire city and the views are unreal. The John Lennon wall is another must. The art on the wall is different each day, so you never know what you are going to see. Right next to the JL wall is a lesser known “love lock” bridge similar to the one in Paris. Great photo op. When I was solo exploring trying to find the lock bridge, I stumbled upon Christmas carolers, and about 750 people watching them. It was beautiful. Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle are also musts. Basically you can’t go wrong anywhere in Prague. The entire city is absolutely beautiful. Like a dream.


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