One Year

It has been exactly one year since my amazing trip to Bali, and I miss it more than ever. I was reminiscing about my time there on my commute home today, and then I went on Buzzfeed and discovered the article “22 Reasons You’ll Love Bali Even If You Hate the Idea of Bali.” How anyone could hate the idea of Bali is beyond me, but please check out the article because Bali really is absolutely amazing, and even though those photos give a glimpse of its splendor, no photo can do it justice. I know I will go back to Bali in my life, so I do not have regrets about not being able to see more. Actually, I had 8 days in Bali and traveled all over the island. My favorite part: the people. Balinese people are so friendly and so happy. You cannot help but fall in love with a place when they people are that inviting and welcoming. Damn I miss Bali…


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