Yesterday, after holing up almost all weekend and watching way too many episodes of Chicago Fire, I ventured solo to Segovia for a nice Sunday day trip. Segovia is a beautiful fairytale-like city just an hour bus ride from Madrid. First stop in Segovia: admiring the beautiful and enormous Roman Aqueduct in the city center. It was also the most beautiful day! There was snow on the ground in Segovia from a few days past, but the sun was strong. Made for perfect weather to go exploring. After checking out the Aqueduct from countless angles, I ventured on into the city towards the Plaza Mayor and famous Cathedral. The Cathedral was stunning. It is set directly off of the Plaza Mayor, and its size was breathtaking. Sadly, after seeing one too many churches in Europe, the Cathedral was not my main quest in Segovia. I continued on towards the famous Alcazar castle. This castle is said to have inspired the artists at Disney for the Sleeping Beauty castle. It was unreal. I paid the extra 2 euro to go to the top of the Torre de Juan, which was 153 steps on a dizzying spiral staircase. That was the best 2 euro ever spent. The view was amazing!


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