Decisions, Decisions

I have a difficult decision to make. It pains me to say, but I can´t travel to EVERY city in Europe I want to visit, so I have to choose…either Cadiz for Carnival in February or Valencia for Las Falles festival in March. Las Falles is a festival that is the whole year in the making. The people of Valencia spend all their time and effort making these elaborate floats which they end up burning in the middle of the city for all to see. Sounds a little weird, but apparently it is quite the spectacle. And then there´s Carnival. Carnival is a lot more famous, and celebrated all over the world. Spain, Venice, and Brazil are where the celebrations are the biggest. I have to admit I´m leaning towards Cadiz. I´m sure Valencia is a great city, but it doesn´t really register as somewhere I am DYING to go, and I need to save my money for other trips as well. Also, I currently have no trips planned for weekends in February, and Carnival in Cadiz is Valentine´s Day weekend. God knows I need to stay busy that weekend to avoid that holiday…no one likes Valentine´s Day let´s be real 🙂


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