This weekend we went to Lisbon, Portugal. Only an hour flight from Madrid, it is an easy weekend away. On Friday, after a lovely delayed flight (thanks AirEuropa) we got into our hostel in Lisbon, and then headed straight to Sintra. Sintra is a small town 45 minutes outside of Lisbon. SIntra is a dream. We could not have had worse weather, but if anything, the stormy weather made Sintra that much better. Sintra is full of some of the most elaborate castles I have ever seen. Walking around the castles and ruins, that were engulfed in thick fog, was like wandering around an enchanted forest. Sintra was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Unfortunately, we did not have nearly enough time to see all of the beautiful town. I will have to return. Friday night upon our return to Lisbon, we participated in sangria night at our hostel (1 euro for unlimited sangria) and then ventured out for dinner of traditional Portuguese food. Our dinner was the worst meal ever. I don’t want to get angry again so I won’t go into detail, but only con of Lisbon was this god awful restaurant, service, and food. After dinner, and chugging some wine, we made our way out for a night on the town! We went out to the neighborhood called Barri Alto (means tall neighborhood and is perched up on a huge hill). On the way up the hill, we met some awesome guys who invited us to join them and took us to a really happening area. There were tons of bars with people spilling out of them, drinking in all the streets. After a few SuperBock beers, and some free shots, we made our way down to the Port of Lisbon to a nightclub to finish off the night/morning. The next day was spent exploring the neighboring town of Belem, exploring ruins, riding sketchy elevators to viewpoints, as well as riding the famous tram 28, and ending our second evening at an amazing rooftop bar for sunset. Lisbon we love you!


One thought on “Lisboa

  1. Why I would love to live in Europe someday, an hour flight here and there brings you to another country with so many different things to see/do. Sorry you had an awful dinner but I guess you had a great day all in all.

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