So after much drama with my flight back to the states being CANCELLED (ugh thanks Iceland Air), I have successfully changed it, only to now have my trip itinerary change. The plan was to go to Norway the last day of June to  spend a few days and hike Trolltunga, the famous Norwegian fjord that looks like a troll´s tongue (a solid 10 hour hike) and then depart for USA on July 2nd. However, now we are leaving Spain on the 27th of June or maybe even the 26th. And since we will be finishing the hike by the 28th for sure, I will have at least 3 extra days in Norway. This normally wouldn´t be an issue. After all, I love traveling alone. However, Odda, where the hike is, is very isolated from other inhabited parts of Norway. So, the new tentative plan, since I have to connect in Iceland on the way home anyway, is to spend my last 4 days of my European adventure, in beautiful, surreal Iceland. I have been once before but only for 30 hours, enough for a quick trip to the Blue Lagoon thermal hot springs, and nothing else. Let the traveling research begin. #1 on the list: find the waterfall pictured. Also on the list: go inside ice caves, and spot some of the gorgeous Icelandic horses and the country´s famous and adorable puffins.


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