This past weekend, me and three friends went to Cadiz for Carnaval. And man was it a crazy weekend! Carnaval is a costume festival that originated in Brazil, but the celebration in Cadiz is one of the biggest in the world (second to Brazil and Venice). Cadiz is a small, beautiful city in southern Spain (Andalucia). The people of Andalucia are probably some of the nicest I’ve ever met (unlike the less than friendly people of Madrid). We rented an awesome airbnb thinking we were staying right in the city center of Cadiz. We rented a car and drove the 6 hours from Madrid to Cadiz, only to find out the next morning we were in fact a 40 minute drive or 20 minute train from the city center of Cadiz. But it turns out we were in the city center of a gorgeous little town called Puerto de Santa Maria, and it was perfect. During the day we had the calm and cute cultured town of Puerto de Santa Maria, and at night we experienced the utter craziness of Carnaval in Cadiz. Carnaval is basically Halloween on steroids. EVERYONE dresses up, and their costumes are so elaborate, it was probably the best people watching I have ever experienced. There were flamenco dancers, flaming hot cheetos, boy in a box, SO many boys dressed as girls, and more costumes and people than I can even fathom or remember. The parties for Carnaval take place all over the city but most of the people congregate in 3 main plazas, and there were easily 30,000 people there Saturday night. Carnaval I love you!


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