This past weekend I went to Switzerland and France. I even skipped a day of school to prolong my trip…woops. On Thursday night we flew to Geneva. We got in really late so didn´t see much of the city, and caught an early train the next morning to Interlaken. We took the scenic train, which is almost 2 hours longer, but WOW so worth it! The views of the lakes merging with the Swiss Alps really takes your breath away! Once we got to Interlaken, we grabbed a quick lunch in town and then went off to skydive! Since I had already been I opted out (too much money for broke me), but found out I could still go up in the helicopter and watch them jump. The helicopter ride might have been the best part of the whole weekend! The views of the Alps from 15,000 feet were unbeatable! I have never seen anything so majestic. After my friends jumped, the super nice pilot took me on another scenic loop high above, and then we got to touch down at the top of the ski mountain to pick up his colleague. We got to land right next to an outdoor bar atop the mountain where everyone who was enjoying a nice apres ski drink got to watch us land. After my surreal helicopter ride, I came to ground and immediately shotgunned a beer to celebrate the skydivers. Later that evening, we went for our first Swiss meal of the trip (besides some chocolate we already devoured), and it did not disappoint. We tried 3 different dishes with one main ingredient: CHEESE. Hashbrown pizza, raclette, and dumplings that was just like a really good mac and cheese. It was my friend Cassie´s birthday, so for dessert, the waiter brought us a bottle of schnapps. Yes the entire bottle. And we finished it. Woops. After we went out for birthday drinks, and barhopped.

To be continued…


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