Casual Wednesdays

One of my closest friends and her fiancee are in Madrid this week for a few days, and to welcome them to my city yesterday we did the bar crawl of all bar crawls. I met up with them at 3pm, took them to my favorite place in all of Madrid, Mercado San Miguel. We had a glass of sangria there, and I made them try the famous pesto burrata. They were not disappointed. Next we went to La Surena, where they got to try some traditional Spanish tapas (patatas bravas, croquetas, and octopus) and a bucket of Spanish beer. Our third stop was this really cute bar I always walk by in Chueca, the gay neighborhood of Madrid. The bar is called Le Coco, and it was so cute. We had a great sweet mojito there, and they even gave us some gummies to munch on while we drank. Loved that! Our fourth stop was a gin bar I had been wanting to check out for awhile. It´s called 1862, it´s in Malasana (my favorite neighborhood), and the gin fizzes and old fashioneds there…WOW. It was really small, dark and intimate. Very much like the speakeasies in Downtown LA I´ve been to before. With a strong buzz going, we made it to our dinner stop, but the kitchen was closed for another 45 minutes, so we popped into a brewery we stumbled upon next door, had a delicious dark IPA, and then went back for dinner at La Musa. It´s asian inspired tapas aka YUM. We got carnitas sushi rolls, lobster and avocado tempura, spicy ham quesadillas, and potstickers. Oh and a jarra of sangria. Just keep on going haha. Our last and final stop was my favorite wine bar, Cafe Lucio, on cava baja. I go here so often, every guy who works there knows me. I introduced my friends to my favorite sweet white wine, and they got to try huevos rotos with chistorra. Inhaled those. Night 1 was a success!


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