Under the Tuscan Sun

So this past weekend me and two friends explored Tuscany (casual). And we absolutely loved it! Our trip started off great when we got double upgraded with our rental car. We got the cutest little white VW Tiguan. I freaking loved driving it. Turbo 🙂 We landed in Pisa, and headed straight for the Tuscan countryside and the Saturnia baths (natural hot springs). They were very picturesque, if not a little smelly, and after a nice little soak in those, we drove to the beautiful small Tuscan town of Siena, where we stayed the night. We ate some amazing truffle oil pizza (shaped like a heart no less), in Siena. Our next day in Tuscany, we really hit the ground running. In the morning we climbed the Torre di Piazza di Campo in the center of Siena. The climb was terrifying and exhausting but the views were so worth it. We also went inside the Siena Cathedral…hands down one of the coolest churches I´ve ever been in. Very different. Next stop: the beautiful small town of Greve in Chianti for lunch with a view (an understatement). Our view at lunch was spectacular. Rolling vineyards as far as the eye could see. We sipped on Chianti in Chianti, and ate some delicious fresh pasta. After that we rolled through Florence for a quick sightseeing tour. I have been twice, and neither of my friends had, so I took them to the main tourist spots, and of course we HAD to get some gelato. Two scoops! Our last stop before our early morning flight was Lucca, a beautiful walled city just outside Pisa. A must see!


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