Sorry I couldn’t share it earlier, but I just returned from 3 incredible weeks in Central America! I backpacked from Mexico to Costa Rica! I went through a total of 7 countries (2 in transit – Honduras and El Salvador), and spent time in 5 (Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. I’ll do a post on each country…so first: Mexico!

We flew into Cancun, and from there took a few different buses to make it to Tulum! If you’ve never been to Cancun, good! Don’t bother. But Tulum is just an hour and a half away, and is absolutely gorgeous, and not nearly as touristy. Our days were spent exploring cenotes (deep natural pools with limestone rock on the bottom, so the water is incredibly clear…Cenote Jardin de Eden is pictured), and drinking cheap local beer on the beaches. We stayed at an awesome hostel right in town (DayTripper. I highly recommend it). Every night our hostel did an all you can drink special, where for 50 pesos (roughly two dollars), you got all you could drink of rum punch one night, cucumber vodka soda the next. It led to lots of drinking games and fun. We ventured to the Tulum Ruins one day. My only advice…Don’t go! The beach is definitely worth going to, but save yourself the money and go to the beach for free. The ruins are nothing to look at, and the amount of tourists there is horrendous.

Tulum is the first place we tried street food, and we quickly learned street food can’t be beat. 30 cent tacos, and 70 cent quesadillas, both of which were absolutely amazing. If you’ve never had tacos al pastor (the best thing ever), you are seriously missing out.

On our second day in Mexico, we ventured to Akumal Beach, which is also known as Turtle Beach. Hundreds of turtles congregate at this one beach because the water is shallow and there is an abundance of sea grass there for them to feed on. I must have seen 30 turtles in 15 minutes. At one point there were four directly below me. They were so close you could very easily touch them, but I didn’t. After all, if the roles were reversed, you wouldn’t want strangers touching you would you? They are such beautiful creatures though. There were rumors about manta rays being further out on the reef, but we couldn’t find any unfortunately.

Our last night in Tulum, we negotiated with a very nice cab driver to take us down to the private fancy beach where all the resorts are. And that is where I found my new favorite bar. It had swings as the bar seats! And it was right on the beach. Finding this bar I had read about weeks previous called for a celebration. Obscura beers (new fave) and cheap tequila shots. After drinks, we wandered for miles and miles down the beautiful beach. We stumbled upon one of the coolest bar/restaurants I’d ever seen (Posada Margarita), and also found many abandoned hammocks to relax in and pass the time. All in all, Tulum was a huge hit. I will be back!


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