You Better Belize It

After Mexico, and QUITE the travel day, we made it to Belize. From Tulum we had to take a bus and then a teeny boat where we were packed like sardines for 2 hours, and an hour in, two women got into a fight. Won’t lie, it was pretty entertaining. Despite the drama, we made it to the small island of Caye Caulker. Talk about a dream. Caye Caulker is paradise. You can walk around the island in under 30 minutes. After spending 3 days on the island, we knew all the locals, dog and human. Our first night, after checking into our hostel, called Dirty McNasty’s (yes that’s actually the name, and it was one of the best hostels of the trip to be honest), we ventured to a place called Wish Willy for a fresh lobster dinner. For 10 dollars you get 2 freshly caught and grilled lobster tails, fresh vegetables, rice, and a beer. Can’t beat that! Also, Willy, the owner of the restaurant was quite the talker. An awesome Rastafarian guy who a great sense of humor. After dinner, we headed to one of two bars that stay open late on the island. Any bar that gives free shots I am a big fan of!

The next day, me and my new Aussie friends Mike and Gabi, (newlyweds who I met on the boat from hell the day before), spent the whole next day at the Lazy Lizard. It’s this incredible bar set up one the end of the island that faces the “split.” Ten years before, when Hurricane Hattie hit Belize, it split the island into two. The two parts are only about a 90 yard swim away, but now all the boats pass through the split, including the party boats, so having a bar set up facing this as well as the beautiful, clear water, makes for the perfect spot. Combine the view with cornhole, cold drinks, and an awesome Spotify playlist blaring, and it’s no surprise we spent the whole day there. The rest of our time on the island was spent watching bootleg Finding Dory at an outdoor theater one night, consuming a lot more lobster, and things called Tornado Potatoes and ice cream rolls, happy hours at Lazy Lizard, swimming with reef sharks and stingrays, and living the Caye Caulker motto, “Go Slow.” Belize I love you ❤


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