Antigua (Guatemala Part 2)

After the most luxurious overnight bus ride ever (no but really, it was nicer than first class on an airplane), we had arrived in Antigua! We got into town at 8am, and couldn’t check into our hostel (3 Monkeys Hostel – highly recommend it), so we wandered around the beautiful town in search of breakfast. Antigua is one of my favorite places I’ve EVER been. It is a tiny cobblestone street town with the most colorful buildings, all with an enormous volcano looming in the distance. It reminded me a lot of Bruges, Belgium. A little fairytale esque. We found the cutest little breakfast place down by the bustling market. It was called Patty’s, and Miss Patty herself served us up a delicious breakfast of eggs, beans, plantains and fresh Guatemalan coffee. I don’t normally drink coffee, but it was so good. Patty didn’t speak a word of English, which I loved because I got to practice my Spanish. We ended up staying over an hour, just chatting. And, we returned for lunch the next day. Later that night, after way too many free samples of chocolate at the chocolate museum in town (just imagine chocolate with coconut, with chile, with almonds, everything!), we were wandering around town, and ran into some American guy friends we met in Mexico. They were picking up food for their sick friend, and drinking at the restaurant while the waited. They had made friends with the owner, and he offered us complimentary shots of what he called “moonshine.” It was basically pineapple everclear ha! Eddie, one of our friends, liked it so much he offered to buy the remainder of the two liter bottle, and there was a lot left. The owner sold it to him for 30 Quetzals which is basically 3 dollars. Insane! With our new alcohol in tow, we went in search of dinner, and found it at this taco shop on a very busy corner in the middle of town. Some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. Chorizo and pulled pork. And like 5 dollars total. For tacos and beer. I LOVE GUATEMALA!


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