After Guatemala, and a 17 hour bus ride later, we made it to Nicaragua. That bus ride was hell. We had to go through the El Salvador and Honduran borders as well, and we left Antigua at 2AM. The bus ride was worth it though. Nicaragua was awesome. 1st stop was Leon. Although Leon is the second biggest city in Nica, it has a very small feel to it. It was very pretty, but not a whole lot to do. Except for: VOLCANO BOARDING! First thing in the morning all 36 of us pack into the back of a semi truck/pick up truck and drive the hour out into the countryside to the base of Cerro Negro Volcano. We then pick up our boards and sweet orange jumpsuits and hike for an hour to the top. The views were unreal. I wiped out HARD going down the volcano, but it was so fun! It’s pretty hard to steer and hard to monitor your speed too. After everyone got to the bottom, we had celebratory beers and headed back into town.

After another party night in the hostel, the next morning we hit up the bakery across the street from the hostel (the most delicious pan con chocolate), and then we took a shuttle bus to Granada! Granada is so colorful. After a day spent exploring the town, and relaxing in the hostel pool, me and 4 new girlfriends went on a very interesting excursion to Masaya Volcano. We had heard it was cheaper to hire a taxi instead of do a tour to the volcano, so with their translator in tow (me, I was the only one who spoke any Spanish of the 5 of us), we found a cab, bartered with him to take us there and back for cheap. After a hilarious 3 hour taxi ride with our new Nicaraguan boyfriend Jairo, including two car breakdowns and a whole lot of translating on my part, we made it to the top of the volcano and watched the lava rage. You can actually see the lava bubbling below. Unreal. More Nicaragua posts to come…


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