Pura Vida

After spending four hours at the border, and another 5 on a bus, I finally made it to Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica! It was super foggy and rainy when I arrived, but still so beautiful. There were SO many Americans in my hostel, which I hate to say I didn’t like. I travel so much, but barely meet many Americans, and when I do, sometimes they are so obnoxious. The crew at my hostel was no different. They were super young, spoke no Spanish, and were super lightweights. I went to bed early so I could wake up early and get lots done. In the morning, I hiked to the famous ficus tree in the middle of a forest, and then attempted to climb the 100 feet to the top. I made it about 80 feet, and was a little too claustrophobic, and had to climb back down. The inside of the tree was so cool though! Great pics. After the ficus tree, I did the walking tour of the hanging bridges. There are 8 bridges that hang over ravines in the cloud forest, and we walked over all of them. The amount of wildlife we saw was crazy, including a sloth!!! After hanging bridges tour, I went ATVing. This was by far my favorite part of Costa Rica. Our tour guys took us way off road, thru tons of mud, and over all these uneven rocks. Then we went on side roads up in the mountains over the whole forest. The views were unreal. At one point, wild horses ran right by us.

After two great days at Monteverde, I took the Jeep-Boat-Jeep tour to La Fortuna. The jeep wasn’t actually a jeep which was a bummer, but the boat ride was so beautiful. Green lush everywhere, volcanoes in the distance. When I arrived in La Fortuna, I checked into a hostel my hostel recommended, and was VERY disappointed. I had not had any bad hostel experiences this whole trip, but this hostel was ratchet. I went out to find a replacement, and moved to La Arenal Backpackers. Arenal Backpackers had a huge pool with swim up bar, great wifi, tons of couches and day beds to lay on, and hammocks for days. BYE other hostel. After hanging by the pool with a cold beer for a bit, I ventured to the natural hot springs for sunset. The natural hot springs are so cool and FREE. Met some really nice people there too, and relaxed in a rock seat right against a mini waterfall. Speaking of waterfalls, the next day I went to Catarata La Fortuna and WOW. A must see if you go to La Fortuna. And I recommend walking there instead of taking a taxi. It’s a long walk, but the natural scenery was so worth it.


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