My first month in Bocas

I have been in Bocas del Toro for almost a month now, working at the amazing Bambuda Lodge (must watch this video!) I have already had some amazing experiences, and with a month left, am looking forward to many more. Some of my favorite moments so far have been:

-seeing my very first moonbow (a rainbow in the light of the full moon…didn’t even know those existed)

-taking water taxis at night to go out to bars on the main island and having all the water beneath you light up with the bright lights of the bioluminesce plankton.

-trekking into the jungle

-scuba diving for the first time. and seeing seahorses and much more

-exploring the many islands of Bocas with countless new friends

-facing my fear of small spaces and spiders and trekking into a bat cave to explore

-kayaking to happy hour at the Blue Coconut (new fave bar on its own island)


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