My first stop in Colombia was Medellin and after a few days exploring the huge city, me and my new hostel friends ventured two hours South to the small lake town of Guatepe for the day. And I absolutely loved it. Guatepe is famous for the huge rock (La Pierre) that overlooks the lake and the hundreds of tiny islands that make it up. After a steep 20 min climb just to get to the rock steps, and then 740 steps later, our group of 7 made it to the top and had celebratory drinks while enjoying the views. I tried a Michelada for the first time. Basically beer, lime juice and mango. It wasn’t my fave but was definitely well deserved and refreshing at the top. After the descent, we took tuk tuks into the gorgeous little main town, had a lunch of traditional paisa plates (paisa is the name for the people of Medellin). A paisa plate consists of like 5 different types of meat, avocado, rice and beans and salad. Yum! After our big lunch we rented a boat to take us to the other side of the lake to see Pablo Escobar’s mansion. In 1994 the Colombian police and DEA bombed his mansion with 200 kilos of dynamite and yet the shell of the house still stands. It’s on a private peninsula on the lake and the property was unreal. What a cool experience! If you ever go to Medellin, make sure you save a day just for Guatepe (didn’t mean for that to rhyme I swear ☺️)


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