I only had two nights and one full day in the capital city of Colombia. To be honest I hadn’t heard many good things and that’s why I made my trip short. However, maybe going in with low expectations is the way to go, because I really liked Bogotá! I met two very nice Canadian girls in my dorm the night I arrived, and they let me crash their itinerary for the next day. The next morning we headed to the city center for the free graffiti tour of the city. Bogotá has street art EVERYWHERE, and it’s beautiful. There is one neighborhood in particular, called the La Candeleria, where almost every building has some form of art on it. I took WAY too many photos of all the different artworks. The lion pictured was one of my faves. After the graffiti tour we had lunch at a local spot recommended by our tour guide. You got a huge bowl of soup, fresh fruit juice, pasta and fresh veggies for 2 dollars. Can’t beat that. A crazy hailstorm started while we were eating lunch so we got stuck and had to wait it out. The lovely ladies at the food stall made us fresh coffee while we waited out the storm. It was so good! Gotta love a little bit of paying it forward. 


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