Zion + Bryce

**Updates (May 11th): Bryce and Zion were amazing! Unfortunately my mom came down with the flu the night before we headed out, so I went solo. Headed to Bryce first. It’s an easy 4 hour drive from Vegas. I got to the park around 11am and did 3 different hiking trails (Queen’s Garden, Navajo, and Peekaboo). Round trip it was about 6 miles, and although Peekaboo was a bit difficult, the views were totally worth it. Finished my hikes just in time to miss the rain, and enjoy an awesome Hoodoo beer before I headed to my Airbnb an hour away. My Airbnb was in Orderville, Utah, and was probably the best Airbnb I’ve ever had. It was called “The Tiny House,” and although it was slightly small, it had everything you could possibly need, as well as a beautiful and big backyard with bbq, firepit, porch swing and more. Five stars for sure.

The next morning I got up real early, and despite the bad weather, headed towards Zion. On the way I stopped at the local coffee shop The Rock Stop for the best and cheapest dirty chai latte I’ve ever had. The owner made my coffee and the nice conversation with him brightened my day. It had rained all night, and was supposed to rain all day, but I decided to attempt Angel’s Landing hike anyway. I got very lucky and the weather cleared up by the minute as I hiked. 5 miles roundtrip, with the last half mile at the top being the scariest hike I’ve ever done. The cliffs to the top of the landing are very steep and narrow, and you have to hold onto chains to get there. I was one of only a few hikers that completed the last leg of the hike, but it was 100% worth it!

(May 7th) Headed to Bryce Canyon with my mom tomorrow! We have a few routes planned out (Peekaboo Trail and Queens Garden Trail) for Bryce. Then we booked an awesome Airbnb right in between the two parks. Wednesday morning we will head to Zion to hike the famous Angels Landing trail. Can’t wait! More updates to come!


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