10 days in

Hey y’all! I survived my first week of training for my new gig in New Orleans (only four weeks left), and it has been a hell of a week and a half. Last weekend, we did Bourbon Street on Friday night (because you have to right?) I also got to try crawfish for the first time and oh my gosh YUM! Like spicy lobster! And learning how to eat them was half the fun. I floated on the Bayou (which note to everyone don’t actually swim in it ick). I first hand discovered that New Orleans has the worst drivers in the world. I also came all the way to New Orleans to have a Bushwacker (THE drink in Nashville)  on only my second day. Fail. I made it to the famous Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop this past Saturday. It is the oldest bar in NOLA and famous for its infamous ‘Purple Drank’ yum. Still have lots of items to hit on the NOLA bucket list, but I’m already falling in love with this southern staple <3.


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