The NOLA experience

I have been living in New Orleans for 6 months now and have 100% had more once in a lifetime moments/experiences than in any other city I’ve ever been or lived in. Most of these revolve around food FYI

Things I’ve loved:

-Having 10 different places recommended to me just to try my first cup of REAl gumbo

-Being greeted by literally every stranger no matter I go with a “hey darling or hey baby, how you doin.” The amount of sincerely nice and genuine people in this city will never cease to amaze me

-Saints fans. I am a die-hard Seahawks fan but you have to give credit where credit is due. The Saints are good this year but I know for a fact that the people of New Orleans would be out and about exactly like they are this season, even if the Saints were 3-10 instead of 10-3 like they are now. Sundays in NOLA are funnn

-Dive bars central – I have always been a huge fan of dive bars but New Orleans puts a new twist on them. Never have I ever been to so many dive bars with so much character. Whether it’s a shack in a nice university residential neighborhood or an old man cigar bar that does cheap and strong margaritas and singlehandedly the best carnitas tacos and avocado fries I’ve ever ingested.

-“Plates” – families from school cook an insane amount of delicious homecooked food and sell it by the plate to us teachers. Today I had a plate of Yaki meat, basically like pho on crack. Fucking amazing

-Drive thru daiquiris for the WIN

-Potlucks – potlucks in New Orleans have ruined potlucks forever. The most ridiculous spread with every dish being better than the last. This year’s “Friendsgiving” was on another level

-Free crawfish boils. Every Friday during crawfish season (December – May), bars have a truck set up outside and offer an enormous steaming plate of crawfish, potatoes and veggies. And it’s totally free! Of course you need beer to go along with it, and the bar’s right there 🙂

-Pralines – “diabetes in a bag” as one of my student’s called them. Basically just sugar and butter, and I definitely have been saying it wrong for some time, but I got to try the best homemade ones via a few of my teachers, and wow. YUM

-MARDI GRAS. All 6 weeks of it.

-Super Sunday. Sorry white culture, but you got nothing on black culture.


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