King Cake Szn

Mardi Gras is here y’all! This past weekend was the first big parade, Krewe du Vieux (the inappropriate parade) went thru the French Quarter and we had a great, drunken time watching it. Hungover Sunday, we went to the King Cake Festival in Champions Square downtown and it was heaven. We tried 10 different types of king cake, including the clear winner, a Pecan Praline King Cake Donut. YUM! With it being Carnival season, I have been discovering a lot of new places to put on my NOLA food/drink bucket list. Here are some new additions:

-basically anything at Cafe Dauphine (Southern food at its finest)

-happy hour at Blue Oak BBQ (think pulled pork nachos and other bbq delish)

-the famous muffaletta @ Central Grocery (I’ve been anti this famous New Orleans sandwich because I don’t like olives, but I’m going to have to try it I realize)

-drinks at Pal’s or Parlay’s (both epic dive bars I keep hearing about)

-frozen ice coffee at Molly’s at the Market

-fresh chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese @Humble Bagel

-hot sausage po’boy @Gene’s

-the most ridiculous looking breakfast sandwich @Press Street Station (fried oysters, brie, bacon, aioli, need I say more?)

-Pho and an Old Fashioned daiquiri @MoPho

-a beer at Port of Call (a bar that I always pass in the Quarter and its crazy busy)

-stuffed bell paper plate from one of my eighth grade students’ moms (she makes plates every few weeks. I’ve had her yakamein and it’s amazing. If you don’t know about yakamein, check it out!)


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