All the Food

If you aren’t a foodie, you should prob stop reading now (my sister Katie included ha). The past 9 months in New Orleans I have eaten some of the best food of my life. So if you are planning a visit to the Big Easy here’s a list of must trys: (also you might want to plan a visit after reading this list). *Keep checking in as I update this weekly until I leave Nola end of May 2018.

-The OG Muffaletta @ Central Grocery in the Quarter (take out the extra olives if you’re like me)

-Fried alligator @Cochon Butcher with chili garlic mayonnaise and smothered greens with bacon.

-Dump Truck Fries @Avenue Pub with pulled pork, house made cheese sauce, bacon and jalapenos.

-Artichoke dip @Willa Jean (cheese business and crostini). Best dip I’ve had.

-Buckboard bacon melt (with collards on white) and hot boudin with pickled peppers @Butcher

-The “Wiz” Philly Cheesesteak @Liberty Cheesesteaks (the authentic colby and cheddar cheese sauce, with sriracha mayo and crab oil fries). NOM

-Tutti Carne pizza @Wood Pizza Bistro and Taphouse (tomato sauce, pepperoni, sausage, prosciutto, coppa and mozzarella – I normally don’t like prosciutto but it was the best part!)

-Bird Man Jr. sandwich @ Good Bird: Rotisserie Chicken, Creamy Slaw, Melted Swiss, Magic Johnson’s Sauce, pickles, Sourdough

-Ice cream @Creole Creamery. Flavors such as lavender honey, peanut butter fudge, and last night I tried Thai Basil Coconut: YUM.

-Fried oyster po’ boy or roast beef po’ boy @ Domilise’s, firecracker shrimp po’ boy @ Parasol Bar, shredded duck po’ boy @Crabby Jack’s, shrimp remoulade and fried green tomato po’ boy @Jacque-imos, cochon de lait po’ boy @Walker’s BBQ, half catfish and half fried shrimp “BOMB” po’ boy @Guy’s, roast beef po’boy dripping @ Johnny’s Po’Boys, hot sausage from gas station @Banks and Broad, roast beef po’ boy with gravy @ Read Seafood.

-@Killer Po Boys: Seared Gulf Shrimp po’ boy (coriander lime spice, sriracha aioli, herbs, daikon radish, carrot, cucumber), Black Beer Beef Debris (pickled peppers and green beans, horseradish sauce), whiskey grilled cheese (so good), and spicy potato salad, paired with Underwood Rose in a can.

-All That Jazz Sandwich @Verti Marte convenience store (loaded with ham, turkey, sautéed shrimp, cheese, shrooms, and a tartar based “wow” sauce). Got this on my bday with my roommate and ate in Jackson Square with Lamarca Prosecco. Great day.

-Cochon de Lait (aka the best pulled pork ever) beignet paired with bottomless mimosas @Katie’s in Mid-City.

-Crawfish spring roll with sriracha mayo from a vegan pop up stand @Drifter Hotel

-Chicken mole nachos with guac @El Patio and strawberry mojitos and Mexican street corn

-Breakfast bowl (1/2 hashbrowns 1/2 grits topped with melted cheddar, bacon confit, and 2 eggs any style) @Wakin’ Bakin’ and BAT Pig Sandwich (fried egg with cheddar, bacon, avocado, and tomatoes on croissant).

-THE reuben @Stein’s Deli in Uptown. Pair it with an iced coffee with almond milk from Cherry Coffee (they share the space).

-Butternut squash and burrata (with pomegranate and pecans) @Slyvain and Roasted Beet and Tomato and Cucumber Salad (with goat cheese, toasted pine nuts and herb relish)

-Nitro cold brew @District Donuts (go early they sell out) or Vietnamese Iced Coffee @District. Amaze. Also Lavender Iced Coffee @District Donuts. Also, King Cake donut @ District…and the best fried chicken sliders ever.

-Beignets @ Cafe du Monde (of course) but also beignets @ Morning Call in City Park (which are rumored to be better than Cafe du Monde…and I kinda agree)

-Clooney’s Choice sandwich @Milkbar (marinated chicken, avocado, tomato, roasted red pepper, red onion, mozzarella, cilantro, and lemon mayo.)

-Bacon and cucumber dill cream cheese bagel @Humble Bagel

– Duck hash with mango, rasberries and poached eggs on top @Atchafalaya. Also @Atchafalaya, andouille and alligator gumbo.

-@Commander’s Palace: turtle soup (rich veal stock simmered slowly for 72 hours with minced snapping turtle, holy trinity & pressed hen’s eggs ~Finished tableside with aged sherry). Crawfish tamale with the most amazing mole sauce. Sugarcane Lacquered South Texas Quail (charred chili and popcorn rice boudin with tasso braised cabbage, sugarcane-rum vinegar glaze and Crystal Hot Sauce pepper jelly) and New Orleans Barbecued Shrimp (Seared Gulf shrimp crusted with rosemary, garlic and lemon zest over goat cheese grits with charred chilies & New Orleans barbecue butter). The grits were the best part. Lastly, hand-crafted vanilla ice cream with candied pecans and sticky New Orleans praline syrup and an order of the famous bread pudding souffle (finished with whiskey cream sauce tableside).

-Shredded ham, melted cheese and scrambled eggs and mayo melt on ciabatta @Refuel Cafe

-Patty Melt with Wagyu beef, carmelized onion, Raclette, creole mustard, spent grain pullman and pickles @Port Orleans Brewery

– Collard green melt (slow-cooked collards, swiss cheese, pickled cherry, pepper dressing, cole slaw on rye bread) @ Turkey and the Wolf (pictured)

-The BEST CHEESE FRIES EVER late nite @ F + M patio bar

-Grits. Grits from a gas station (surprisingly delicious actually ) and chipotle cheese grits @Velvet Cactus (soooooo good)

-The best ham and cheese croissant I’ve ever had @La Boulangerie. so fresh and homemade

-Beef Bourguignon Empanada @Empanola (beef, bacon, mushroom, red wine) and provoleta (cheesey dip, only con of this was the olives in it).

-Reina pepiada arepa (cornmeal dough with chicken avocado salad and yellow cheese and rumbera arepa (cornmeal dough with delicious roasted pork and yellow cheese) from a pop up food spot @St Joe’s bar in Uptown

-Baked crab mac and cheese and crawfish etoufee poutine @ St. Roch Market

-Riverbend fries @ Cowbell: andouille sausage and house made pimento cheese

-Crawfish mac and cheese @Lula Distillery

-Eggs Apolline @Apolline (housemade biscuit, smoked andouille sausage, Louisiana crawfish tails, poached eggs, hollandaise) and Confit Duck Bowl (potato hash, peppers, poached eggs, quacklin, hollandaise).

-Garlic knots with aged provolone fondata and whipped garlic butter @Pizza Domenica

-Croque Madame with two fried eggs on top with lyonnaise potatoes @Toast in Uptown and Steak Melt with onions, gruyere, mushrooms, and dijon mayo on sourdough.

-Fried boudin balls made with Irish Channel Stout @McClure’s Barbecue

-Praline bacon @Elizabeth’s…also @Elizabeth’s: French Toast Breakfast Burrito

-Blue Crab beignets @Le Petite Grocery…also @Le Petite Grocery: turtle bolognese

-Charbroiled oysters @Superior Seafood (best in the city)…also because I can’t do normal oysters

-Guinness hot dog @Dat Dog paired with cheddar bacon ranch fries. Andouille sausage dog is yum also.

-Jambalaya @Mother’s or from any home cooked kitchen in NOLA

-Pork rinds (sounds gross I know but cracklins are a NOLA staple) with pimento cheese @Company Burger. They also have a mayo bar here. YAS. Paired these two sides with The Company Burger (two thin patties, b&b pickles, red onions, American cheese, fried egg and bacon) and the Lamb Burger (feta, basil mayo, red onion and chili mint glaze).

-Home cooked Yakamein from an amazing family at my school. Delicious soup like dish. This family also serves up delicious stuffed bell peppers (stuffed with ground beef and shrimp, and comes with a side of homemade potato salad and shrimp fettucine alfredo YUM.) Also, homecooked was all the delicious dishes at our school’s many potlucks. Dirty rice, seafood stuffing, unreal mac and cheese, lil smokies and meatballs soaked in homemade bbq sauce, curry chicken…just to name a few.






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