On Facebook I subscribe or “like” or whatever Facebook has these days, to Insider. So every morning when I wake up, lay in bed and scroll, something Insider related normally catches my eye. There is Insider Travel, Insider Food, and even better and more specific, Insider Cheese. Here are some of my favorite posts lately from Insider etc.

  • 23 cheesy dishes from around the world to try (P.S. Aligot aka cheesy potatoes from France is one of the dishes. I finally got to try it a few weeks back @Kayne Prime Steakhouse in Nashville and it was delicious. Highly recommend!)
  • 30 Photos of Abandoned Amusement Parks Around the US that will give you the chills (New Orleans Six Flags, abandoned since Hurricane Katrina is #1 on this list, and is the photo for this post. Fun Fact: About 2 months ago, my friend Erin and I broke into the old theme park grounds and trespassed around to get pics. We only made it a little bit into the park before security caught us and escorted us back to my car…too bad)
  • Udon noodles: a noodle restaurant in Toronto, Canada, named MeNami, makes tons of crazy different noodle dishes with Udon noodles. I want to try this place so bad!
  • 28 Best Food Cities in the World – I am fortunate enough to have been to several of the 28 (Brussels – 100% agree)
  • 26 Hiking Trails Around the World That Should Be On Your Bucket List  – I want to try every single one!

Check it Out! 


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