Y’all I did it! I finally made it to Austin after all these years of it being at the top of my list! I got in early AF to Austin Friday morning (around 8am) so Jo’s Coffee (which shares a wall with the “I Love You So Much” mural) was the first stop. Got a Belgian Bomber coffee (half cold brew, half iced latte with some hazelnut). So good! Next stop was wandering up and down South Congress Street. So many cute shops, boutiques, and street art to admire. First food stop was Torchy’s Tacos. We went to town! We got all 5 breakfast tacos to try. Monk, Wrangler, Dirty Sanchez, Ranch Hand, and Migas (pictured). Migas was def a fave: scrambled eggs, crisp corn tortilla strips, green chiles, fresh avocado, pico de gallo, and freshly grated cheddar jack cheese with tomatillo sauce. All were amazing and their chipotle crema hot sauce was fantastic and so was their pink prickly pear cactus lemonade. After Torchy’s we walked all over town exploring. We found TONS of beautiful murals and graffiti (my favorite thing to find), and popped into several breweries down near 6th street. First stop was Easy Tiger, a super cool beer garden on the river. Bachelor party central by the way! The super sweet bartender recommended a brewery down the street called Hop and Grain. Another bachelor party stop for sure, but very good grapefruit APA. Next we went to Lazarus Brewing and Zilker Brewing, both awesome spots with real good sour beer selections. After breweries, we went back to our real cool Airbnb in East Austin to change and then we were back out on Rainey Street for the night. We had dinner at Javelina. I had these crazy spicy fried chicken tacos. Then we went out on Rainey. First Container Bar, then Unbarlievable. Unbarlieavable is like a circus bar on crack. They have my all time fave (Pop-A-Shot), a slide in the middle of the bar, live music, hula hoops, and so much more. We were loving it!

Saturday morning we were up at 6am to be in line by 7 for Franklin’s BBQ. Franklin’s is famous for best bbq in the city…arguably the country. The thing is…it doesn’t open until 11am but they sell out by 8:30am. We were probably the 100th person in line and we got there at 7:30. Damn! Was it worth the wait? Absofuckinlutely! We drank cheap champagne and beer in line, made some new friends, and didn’t even get our food until 1:30pm but holy shit was it good! Best I’ve ever had, and totally worth it for the experience too!

More on Austin to come soon… Updated 4/1/18: After waiting in line for 6+ hours, we went to Zilker Park to eat our bbq and enjoy the sunshine. Then we headed out to Lake Travis to explore some more. The Oasis at Lake Travis is basically Texas Disneyland. It has shops, bars, boutiques, ice cream, breweries, and views. After wandering around the lake and admiring all the gorgeous mansions, we posted up at Oasis Brewing Company on the top floor of the Oasis to watch the sunset. So pretty! Before sunset, we made a pitstop at Vice Ice Cream in the Oasis shops. The two owners were so friendly, and have the best taste in decor. The shop was an interior designer’s dream. And the cold brew dairy free ice cream was amazing! Saturday night after the lake, we headed to W 6th Street (not dirty 6th), to meet up with a friend of mine from Spain. We went to Irene’s, which had delish food, frose, and an awesome back patio area. There are some awesome bars on W 6th. Green Light Social and the beer garden were especially fun!

Sunday morning = breakfast tacos. Oh and donuts from Gourdough’s as big as your head. We shared the OG Gourdough’s donut: cinnamon sugar with honey butter on the side. Omg amazing! We wandered all over the city to find murals (my obsession in every city I go to) and hit up In N Out before I head to the airport. My friend had never been! Animal style FTW. Austin ILY! Will def be back!




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