Super randomly, but I am headed to Houston this weekend for a short trip. Bring on all the queso, murals (like above), and bbq. YES!

***Update April 22, 2018: Just got back from Houston. Slightly underwhelming city I won’t lie, but we saw a lot of great stuff. Started with our mural scavenger hunt. Houston has over 100 murals, popping up all over the city. We found about 30 of them (including one pictured). After a few mural pit stops, the next stop was Beaver’s for queso. We got the smoky queso “knocked up” which means their OG queso with smoked brisket added to it. AMAZING. We also got manmosas. Yum! After a few more murals, we figured we earned a beer or two. We went to Holler Brewing first and the Platypus Brewing (an Aussie run brewery). Had an awesome milky stout and porter. After quite the attempt to go out in Midtown at AxelRad Beer Garden, Sunday came around. First stop: Donuts @Hug and Donuts. Birthday Cake and Nutella Caramel Crunch. Second stop: Breakfast tacos. Picadillo and Chorizo con Huevo tacos @Brother’s Taco Stand. LEGIT. huge. and cheap! Final stop on the way out of TX? Whataburger. Had to. Their OG Patty Melt was worth the hype.


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