Tacos are one of my favorite foods, and the other day, after a real mediocre Mexican meal in New Orleans, my roommate and I started discussing the best tacos we’d ever had. My roommate is from California originally as well, so we take it upon ourselves to be good judges of legit Mexican food, aka the divier the better in most cases. Top tacos:

-Street tacos al pastor in Mexico City (possibly best I’ve ever had)

-Tacos Chuki (in Seattle of all places). Divey little spot in South Lake Union (try the house tacos with pineapple, cactus quesadilla, or homemade horchata). YUM.

-Street tacos in Venice Beach on corner across from Wurstkuche. UNREAL carnitas and pastor tacos. The setup is HUGE, with at least 6 different types of meats. Cash only and the best horchata I’ve ever had. YUM

-Torchy’s Tacos in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately I only got to try their breakfast tacos, but since we tried all 5 of them TWICE, I def recommend. And will have to go back to try the OGs. Also the queso is insane! And their chipotle ranch ish sauce to top your tacos!

-Street tacos in Tulum Mexico. 1 dollar for 3 tacos al pastor. Amazing. Legit gave someone directions to this place and said, “It’s next to the bus station. If you hit the beach, you’ve gone too far.”

Sensing a trend in a love for street food here? If you’re skeptical, honestly just do it. I’ve been to 38 countries, and tried street food all over the world, and can count on one hand how many times I’ve gotten sick). It’s worth it!




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